Targeted Lead Generation

OK, so you’re looking to generate your own leads, and you probably wanna do it for free (it’s internet age after all – the best things should be free)

No sweat! Targeted lead generation is a process that has more mystique about it than anything else, but in reality the process is stupid simple. I have generated hundreds of leads online using this method and it absolutely blew me away how difficult some people make it.

The truth is – strip all the fluff and the process becomes doable, more effective and easy-to understand.

You only need two things (well, three actually – if you want to convert those leads into cash):

  1. A simple offer that will attract leads you wish to go after. This can be done in one afternoon.
  2. Drive traffic to your offer to capture a lead (several ways to do this, see below)
  3. Convert your leads into cash (this is the easiest part, but most difficult to explain)

OK, so let’s look at each step and how it plays out

1. The Offer

In a reality this sounds very simple – all you have to do is come up a freebie that will be interesting, desirable and valuable to your market.

However this is where most folks go wrong. They come up with offers that are sheer product puke. For example they’ll put up a thing that says “Learn three ways to choose the best wedding dress”, and in it they’ll try to sell wedding dresses.



That’s just about as subtle as a flying brick and as welcome as a fart in a telephone box (and that’s putting it mildly)

In a reality, the offer doesn’t at all have to be related to what you’re selling. It just has to be related to your target market.

For example, I met a dude in an online chat room that has turned his failing cabinet-making business into a 7-figure empire by creating an offer that has got nothing to do with cabinet making.

How? He teamed up with a real estate gal, and produced a free downloadable guide for new home buyers.

He knows nothing about real estate, but he knew that new home owners are ten times more likely to engage in home renovations than anyone else. His approach landed him a 7-figure business in 9 months, and this is because he also knew how to drive traffic to his offer and convert such “unrelated” leads into cash.

Ultimately, the offer you put up has to have a real value in it. Which means it must deliver on its promise without the want or a need to make a sale. It’s all about building trust.

2. Three Ways of Driving Traffic

For those that are lucky to get past the first obstacle of creating leads, traffic seems like an insurmountable headache.

I’m talking about getting traffic to the site or page where the offer is.

There are literally hundreds of ways to drive traffic to a site, but the biggest mistake most folks make is that they try too many different approaches, and switch before they produce any solid results (been there many times).

The ugly truth about this is that each method of driving traffic has something you’re not going to be happy about. So when a different method that promises to solve one problem presents itself, most folks are likely to switch camps

Traffic strategies are all foam no beer

Traffic strategies are all foam no beer

Know this – new traffic strategies are all foam, no beer. You’re going to have to push some rock up some hill, some time.

And the evil you know IS better than the one you don’t (I’m all for adding traffic strategies, but only after the first one has produced results)

If you look at all the options available, it comes down to these three:

1. Paid traffic (pay-per-click, pop-up ads, banners and similar). Paid traffic = instant traffic. You can get eyes to see your offer today if that’s what you want. If you have a sales funnel in place, you can crank cash before the night is out. That’s the benefit

The paid traffic’s ugly sister is the fact that no money = no traffic. The day you stop pumping cash into it is the day you stop producing leads

2. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Forums, etc…). The benefit of social media is that the traffic coming to your page is free and much hotter than paid traffic. If used properly it’s the best way of producing hot targeted leads.

The ugly side is that it requires constant work. The threshold of being able to walk away from social media and still continue to produce leads is very high, and it takes a long time to achieve

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The upside of SEO is free traffic with solid hands-off longevity. When done properly it can produce traffic for many months or years without having to do any maintenance.

The ugly side is that it can sometimes take a few months to get the kind of traffic you’re after, and it tends to appear frightening to non-geeks at first.

If you’re into paid traffic, I highly recommend checking out Perry Marshal’s “Definitive Guide to Google Adwords”. For those that are social media buffs, Steve Cunningham by from Mashable recommends 5 books: “Trust Agents”, “The Whuffie Factor”, “Six Pixels Of Separation”, “Crush It!” and “The New Community Rules”.

And finally for those that are SEO buffs, check out the Darkside by Russell Brunson (and my good friend Mike also known as Mr. “X”). Yes, I had a (very) small part in that course, but I never took a penny for it and I don’t stand to earn a dime if you buy it.

To capture a lead, you’ll need an ad prominently placed somewhere on your site (an example is the box on top right of every page on this site). Promise to deliver a benefit, fulfill the promise and build trust.

3. Converting Leads Into Cash

Leads who won't buyA ton of targeted leads that won’t buy anything are as useful as a jam sandwich to a drowning rabbit. So the million dollar question is how to convert those leads into sales (or reps if you’re recruiting for network marketing).

This is probably the simplest part of the process to execute, but the hardest one to explain.

In a nutshell, once you have established trust, it’s easy to offer your products, services or even your business opportunity if it carries some form of benefit to the prospect.

If you’ve done a good job of qualifying your prospect in a first place, it doesn’t matter if the original offer had nothing to do with your offer. What matters is that the prospect is a qualifying one.

It’s for that reason that Supermarkets can sell anything from dairy to books and clothing to the same market.

If you wish to learn how that’s done without having to invest into copywriting courses, grab some free offers online and see how they do it. It’s a good idea to take a peek inside your competitor’s sales funnels that way, but it’s even better if you take a peek inside an unrelated industry.

That is because most folks will try to rip their competitor’s ideas off. But those who swipe ideas from different industries tend to be the first ones to do it in their niche, effectively making them the only choice for their prospects.

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  • aklein

    Interesting. I really like how you have mentioned doing offers that are unrelated on here. Definitely want to give people something they will value without the sales pitch – and it’s interesting how you can generate more leads if you just ‘think outside the box’. I have to get my thinking cap on and come up with a few ideas while I work to update my site! Thanks again for all of this killer content.

    • Comrade iVan

      Hey, you’re welcome, thanks for chiming in. I’m reading your comments on other posts, and just wanted to say I appreciate you hanging out and participating. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with =)

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