Flip Video Battery Won’t Charge? Three Ways To Fix It…

check battery pack charging pausedYour Flip video battery won’t charge? I’m guessing you too got the “Check battery pack-Charging paused” message?

Well, as it turns out, you’re not alone.

Two weeks ago I bought my own Flip Ultra HD camera to do some video marketing with.

Unfortunately it conked on a first attempt to use it.

In a nutshell, the Flip seemed fine, but the battery just wouldn’t charge.

Which in itself is not a big deal considering the hilarity of the session I had with the tech support.

It all started when the battery symbol got jammed on empty, even after charging overnight.

I tried charging it again, but eventually that screen was replaced with a “Check battery pack-Charging paused” message.

Electronics don’t scare me, and Flip isn’t something a granny would sweat about, but I didn’t want to waste the time trying to figure it out, so I called the tech support.

In a course of 1½ hr, the tech got me to try everything from  resetting the device to virgin sacrifices on a night of a full moon, but to no avail.

“Check battery pack-Charging paused” message loomed.

After some obscure attempts to revive the now obviously deceased battery (sounds tragic, eh?), I felt like the damn thing was actually recording me for the latest edition of Punk’d.

Finally, after the procedure manual required me to hang of a pear tree by my toes, even the tech gave up and said “It looks like the battery is dead!”

“No kid’n'?”

Since they don’t replace just the battery, I was asked to return the whole shebang to get a replacement within two days.

Hmmm; this is where my Twilight Zone radar tends to come alive. Two days???

I think not. Heard that before… I prefer to try my luck with it first.

What To Do If The Flip Video Battery Won’t Charge:

Today I decided to unleash the fury and tinker with it myself.


Is it just me, or is this battery givin’ me the flip?

And so after gefutzing with it for 45 min (and numerous consults with YouTube, Google and Cletus-the-Slack-Jawed-Yokel’s finest moonshine), I was able to get the persistent “Check battery pack-Charging paused” message off the screen.

The only problem was that I tried so many things that I don’t know which one produced the results.

And so, with my Flip battery charging, I decided to post them all here before further virgin sacrifices were required.

Consider it my little contribution – saving virgins one Flip at the time:

Procedure 1:

  1. Take out the battery from your Flip Ultra HD
  2. Plug the Flip into the USB
  3. Once the “connected” indicator comes on, stick the battery back into the Flip
  4. Choose the safe remove hardware option on your PC (or the Mac equivalent)
  5. Once safe to remove, pull the Flip out of the USB port
  6. Plug it back in – it should charge without a hitch now.
  7. If the battery won’t charge, give it 5 minutes before trying the second procedure.

Procedure 2:

  1. Take out the battery from your Flip Ultra HD
  2. Plug the Flip into the USB
  3. Once the “connected” indicator comes on, stick the battery into the Flip
  4. Empty your recycle bin (yes, it sounds silly, but there is actually a good reason for this)
  5. Pull the Flip out of the USB without the safe remove
  6. Plug it back in and check out if it’s charging. If it doesn’t start charging within 5 minutes, try the third procedure.

Procedure 3:

  1. Take out the battery from your Flip Ultra HD
  2. Plug it into the USB
  3. Empty your recycle bin
  4. Pull the Flip out of the USB without safe removal
  5. Put the battery back in and try to charge.

Battery still won’t charge? OK, the following may seem drastic, but it’s guaranteed to produce results (even if just a pulsating vein on your forehead)

Procedure 4 (supplemental):

  1. Curse
  2. Resort to heavy drinking
  3. Shout
  4. Curse while drinking and shouting
  5. Find a pear tree and dangle by your toenails

Ya. That’s it!

Actually, there are quite a few reports of this problem (try Googling for “Flip Video Battery Won’t Charge”, and count the hits).

Hopefully the first three steps solved your problem. If not, leave a comment and I’ll send you some moonshine in a damp envelope.

-Comrade iVan

P.S. I’ll check the status of my battery tomorrow morning. Right now everything looks good, but if I get another “Check battery pack-Charging paused” message, I think I’ll just get some AA rechargeables instead.

268 comments to Flip Video Battery Won’t Charge? Three Ways To Fix It…

  • jorgy

    #1 worked!! thank you so much!!

    • Dan

      thank you so much for this website. I am currently as I’m typing this on my honeymoon, and am scheduled for an awesome helicopter ride and was looking forward to bringing my flip the whole time, and now it is fixed thanks to your site! Mahalo!

  • webkinz

    No way! I can’t believe it! Thank you!!!

    I’m on a trip through Europe and my Flip really hasn’t ever charged more than 10% since I got it. Yesterday, it gave me only about 45 seconds of power and I was ready to claim warranty service when I got back to the states (still have 12 days in my trip).

    Tried option 1 last night and figured I’d leave it charging overnight, as I have tried many times already. Woke up this morning to a “green” battery!! Thank you!!!!

  • supercuper

    Awesome! Option 1 worked for me – thanks so much!

  • katie

    how did you remove the battery to do this???? i have a mino hd. everything points to this not being possible-am i wrong. also on the flip site-it says the mino battery cannot be replaced by consumers and tech support wold need to be contacted-true? eek. my battery just seems to have died without warning- and i use my camera ALL the time. please help-if you can. thanks!

    • iVan

      I’m not familiar with Mino – I myself have an HD ultra. It has a rechargeable pack that comes with it, but it’s removable. The battery itself is the same size as two AA side by side, so they’re interchangeable.

      Since my original post, I’ve had a few more instances where my flip wouldn’t charge. Eventually I grew tired of repeatedly fixing it, and asked for a replacement. The new one came back, and developed the same problem within a day.

      So now I just use my own AA rechargeables with an external charger.

      Conceptually, Flip is a great little camera. Too bad that the Flip manufacturer seems totally disinterested in fixing a known issue

  • God

    Solution one worked for me.

  • Trevor

    It worked perfectly thanks man i was worried it broke

  • I tried #1 and it sometimes worked, most of the time it won’t. Same for #2 and #3. This camera is a waste of time and money. I wouldn’t recommend this camera anymore. My Flip won’t turn on most of the time and also couldn’t be detected by the computer – most of the time as well.

    I usually just leave it with the battery removed for a half an hour, then plug it in the USB, stick in the battery pack. That works “sometimes”.

    Even worst is that when I shoot videos, it will just turn itself off and I wouldn’t be able to turn it on. Even more worst is when I turn it off to save battery life, then it won’t turn on anymore.

    Wahhhh! I need a new and better one!

  • Keith Bradbury

    I did not find your suggestions until now but I think I tried similar ones. I had no luch so I called customer support. I was only on the phone with level 1 support person (possibly in India) for 5 minutes or so. Then I was passed to a level 2 person for 20 minutes or so and then he concluded I needed RMA number to send it in.

    Be sure to use a delivery confirmation number! I checked my status on 6/20 and my unit had not been listed as “received”. It had been delivered to them on 6/7. I stated my case via Email and after 1 day was told they would get back to me in 4 hours. In about 8 hours my status was updated to “received on 6/22″. So I’m still waiting, but at least they admit they have it.

  • Keith Bradbury

    Update: I had no “luck”…

    Returned to me 7/6/10. Charges with the plug in adapter and PC USB except after a few minutes I get the “Too Hot” message now. It does not go away unless I unplug the camera for a little bit. Sometimes I need to do this several times. You can press the res button to see the battery progres indicator if the screen goes blank. It is nice to see it >50% and green! It is livable for me this way. I’ll try a few more things…

    • iVan

      Hey Keith – I totally feel your pain.

      Ya, I had a bit of a back-and-forth with their tech support too. I just got tired of having to gefutz with the darn camera, especially since it should work, so I got it sent out.

      Weeks went by and I eventually discovered the RMA wasn’t properly filled out (???)

      Back and forth with the Flip RMA, and a 6 weeks later I got a new camera – same problem though >:(

      My advice to you is to stick with generic AA rechargeables and forget about USB charging.

      I guess I should update the original post. Nah, I’m too lazy…

  • Monica

    How can you tell what % the battery is charged at when it is plugged in?

    • Lynn Lavalette

      at first I didn’t think you could, but mine was having issues with overheating during charging and who knows what else…once I placed the camcorder on a towel-wrapped ice pack, the battery icon turned from black and orange to black and green, with the green giving an indication of how far along I was in the charge. Once charged, there is no indicator light or icon to help you know when it’s low. You just get a warning message & the thing shuts down completely after about 2 more minutes. We all need to learn to not ignore that message. That would be the time to pop in a couple of AA batteries until you can charge the battery pack.

  • dutch dood

    Genius. Bought a Flip Ultra HD for my son for Christmas and then suffered the battery problem. Tried everything with no luck and then found your site. #1 solution worked and the camera is charging nicely in front of me as I type. Thankyou !!

  • Lynn Lavalette

    Nothing worked for me until I placed the camera on a towel-wrapped ice pack to keep it from overheating. Up to that point, all I saw was a battery icon with a flashing bolt. The flashing bolt kept disappearing after an hour or so, but got no messages. I knew that meant it wasn’t charging, and customer service said the battery icon should show some progress, which it didn’t after 4 hrs. Nothing. After placing the camera on the ice pack, within 10 minutes, the battery icon showed the bolt again and about 1/3 of the icon was now filled in green. Never saw the green before…just a skinny line of orange on the battery icon. So hopefully this issue is resolved. I am getting a replacement battery pack from the company so hoping I won’t have to use the ice method in the future. The worst thing about this camcorder is the inability to tell how much life if left. There is no indicator. You only get a warning about low battery just before it shuts down! That sucks…otherwise the video quality can’t be beat for the money!

  • flipultraHDuser

    the second one worked for me! thanks

  • Louise Cook

    Thanks loads, my Flip Ultra HD went dead on me in Sri Lanka when there was soooooooo much to film. A real bummer, I had to use my phone instead. Anyway your second solution has worked for me so I am back up and running again. Louise

  • Orla

    F&ucking AMAZING! Thank you. Like previous poster, I was growing disheartened. But then number 3 worked. Flip is now charging. You have made my day! Thanks.



  • It’s also worth checking to ensure that the white plastic that wraps the battery doesn’t block any of the battery posts.

    During charging, if the battery is charging, you’ll see a progress indicator with a lightning bolt blinking on it. If the screen has blanked out and you want to check progress, just press any of the buttons on the back of the unit.

  • Steve R

    Just wanted to say thank you. Option 1 worked and ended weeks of frustration.

  • Jonathan

    Thank you, I have been using regular batteries, which has been ticking me off. I used a hybrid version of procedure 2 and 3 and it worked!

  • rob zzombii

    thanks ivan! sony, you suck!

  • ShelWeh

    Hybrid of options 1 and 2 worked. Thanks for saving me the tech support call!

  • angela

    Solution 3 worked first time (already tried #1 with no success)…..thank you for taking the time to help with this very annoying problem!!!!!! When I put a second flip battery pack in to charge I had to go through solution 3 again – whats the deal with the ‘empty recycle bin’? It really seems to be the thing that does the trick and I just dont get that!

    • iVan

      Hi Angela

      That’s a good question, I’ve been wondering about that when I was experiencing problems with my flip myself.

      I’ve been told that emptying the recycle bin dumps all temp data on the device. It sort of makes sense since I know that when you empty the recycle bin, any attached device’s directory designated as recycle bin gets emptied as well, but the flip has no visible recycle bin that I’m aware of, so I’m a little puzzled as to why it works so well.

  • MAtt

    Thanks fo tthe tips, sadly 1,2,3 not working for me. I have an ultra HD but on a mac, doe this make a difference? When i connect the flip with no batteries in all goes well and it opens up iphoto but when i then then put the battery in as per 1/2/3 it says the device has been ejected? Very strange, and tech support are crap!!Any thoughts greatly appreciated

    • iVan

      Hi Matt
      It’s not so much the problem with the Mac/PC as it is with the HD itself. I eventually had enough of having to do the steps just to get the damn batter charged every few days, and requested a replacement. Sadly, the new flip behaves just as badly as the old one regardless of the computer I plug it in (presently that’s 2 desktop PCs, 2 laptop PCs and one Linux Ubuntu)

      So my solution was to get rechargeable AAa and a decent charger (something that doesn’t cook the batteries, but instead measures the level of charge and adjusts accordingly).

      I’ll let you in on a little secret. This post gets up to 5000 monthly views, which tells me that you and I are not the only ones with this problem. I have no idea how many flip cameras are being sold on daily basis, but 5000 people a month is a large chunk of however many customers Flip has…

  • Katie

    In the comments someone said to check that all of the ends of the battery pack were uncovered. Sure enough, one of the negative ends of my battery pack was covered with two layers of plastic! I peeled those back, and all of a sudden it’s charging!

    • iVan

      Thanks for your input Katie

      I never included that because when I peeled off the plastic I saw that that the contacts were already connected on the inside (if you pay close attention you’ll see a thin metal ribbon going from the covered contact to the side of the uncovered one. That is something that simply completes the circuit for both batteries, which is what the bottom contacts on the camera are also designed to do.

      Sure enough, once I tried it anyway it only charged for about 15 minutes before the “check battery…” message came back

  • MAtt

    5000!!! a month! Wow!
    Thanks for the advice, going to go down the recharagable AAA and be done with it. Means i dont need to take my lap top away with when i want my flip!
    Thanks again

  • Jeff

    Very encouraging to know that I’m not alone with this @$#%ing problem. Unfortunately, none of the first three solutions above work — my brand-new-out-of-the-box Flip works fine with the battery removed, but as soon as I put it in, the screen goes dark and the thing dies. I don’t even get the “Check battery” message — just… nothing.

    I know enough about how LiIon batteries work to be pretty confident that the battery shipped with my Flip (and presumably some non-trivial proportion of others’ batteries) is defective. Perhaps a bad batch from whatever Chinese OEM Cisco has been using to manufacture these things. Anyway, I’m not even going to mess with this anymore. Can anyone recommend an alternative of similar size/functionality/cost that they’ve used and like? (Ideally it would also do 1080p…).



  • Kim

    #1 worked like a charm. Thanks so much, kim.

  • James

    Number 1 did the trick- YOU ARE THE BOSS!

  • Benjamin

    Hi There,

    Your solution seems to have worked! Almost. Now the battery is stuck at half charge. What do you make of this? Ever seen anything like it?

    • iVan

      I have, and it appears to be a common problem. I suggest switching to rechargeable AA’s; I eventually gave up on OEM battery since various charging problems kept coming back every few days… pain in the cullo IMHO

  • Dan

    iVan – thanks for the tips. I stumbled upon your site while waiting for the “Live Chat” to look up my original case. Needless to say, #1 (fingers crossed) seems to be working for me even before tech support found my case. Now I can keep tech support waiting and make them jump through hoops. Apparently, Flip needs to do a little recall on their cr@ppy batteries.

  • Jenn

    I tried Rayovac charger with Rayovac and Energizer rechargeable batteries. They worked in the camera when I took them out of the package, but after being on the charger all night, put them back in the camera and now it won’t turn on.
    Ordered the battery pack, and plugged it in for 2 days and still hasn’t charged. Just tried your steps, but where do I find the “safe to remove” option on my computer?
    I tried procedure #3 and the red light is now on the front of the camera, do I just wait and see?

    • iVan

      Hi Jenn

      Wow, that’s a lot of things to address.

      First, as for your rechargeable batteries – Flip won’t charge them as it only recognizes OEM batteries (or at least it would if we weren’t in this pickle). You need an external charger for those (which, by the way, should be the one that measures the battery level unless you don’t mind the cheaper timed chargers that cook the batteries).

      If, on the other hand you were charging them with the external charger and they’re not working – I would first try to see if the batteries you just bought are bad or if it’s the camera. So test the same batteries elsewhere and see if they last more than a few minutes.

      On the other hand, your brand new Flip battery pack has a known charging issue. If it hasn’t charged in 2 days, the procedure outlined in the post may help, but they don’t work for 100% of the people.

      As for safely removing hardware, the safe remove option is going to be on different location depending on the operating system. On a Mac and/or Linux, it’s a little “Eject” icon that you’ll see beside the device icon if I recall correctly.

      On a PC, it can be on different locations depending on a version of Windows you’re using. On XP, you’ll see it in the system tray area any time a removable device is plugged in. It’s the little icon with a green arrow on it.

      On Vista the icon looks like a plug with a green check mark. You also have the capability to “Eject” by right-clicking on the Flip icon after you click on Window+E button on your keyboard

      On Windows 7 you have all of the above, but may have to expand the system tray to see the icon. I’m not sure what it looks like on windows 7, but if you hover over it it’ll tell you what it does

  • For me, it says it’s charging and the lightning bolt is present and the battery icon progresses, but the charge is sometimes not really there and other times it is.

    I will try these methods to see if I’m able to affect some change and get an “actual” charge.

    Thanks for this outline. Hopefully it helps my situation. ;-)

  • denijs

    Tanx man, after bying a new battery pack it still didn’t work.
    But used one of you’re (1st) options and now it is recharching although still no recharging light.
    But at least it is charging.

  • Klint

    I contacted Flip directly via their website. They set up an online conversation which stores all the back and forth emails. They suggested numerous things such as


    We would like you to try to reset the power mode on your Flip Ultra to see if we can resolve the issue. Please leave the batteries out of your camcorder for 48-72 hours to drain any residuals from the camcorder. Insert brand new batteries in the device. Does the device power on?

    If this does not resolve your issue, please try the following:

    1) remove the battery pack from the camcorder
    2) connect the camcorder to a powered USB port on your computer
    3) when the “Connected” indicator comes on, insert the battery pack into the camcorder
    4) safe eject your camcorder from your computer
    5) reconnect your camcorder to your computer
    6) the battery pack should now begin to charge within the camcorder

    ATTEMPT 2)

    We would like you to try to reset the power mode on your Flip Ultra to see if we can resolve the issue. Please leave the batteries out of your camcorder for 48-72 hours to drain any residuals from the camcorder. Insert brand new batteries in the device. Does the device power on?

    If this does not resolve your issue, please tell us when and where you purchased your camcorder so we can take the next appropriate steps.

    ATTEMPT 3)

    Please do the following:

    1) connect your camcorder to the computer but do not allow FlipShare to launch
    2) double-click on the FLIPVIDEO icon/drive
    3) copy the DCIM folder onto your desktop
    4) delete all files and folders from the FLIPVIDEO drive (please try to delete again by pressing CTRL + A and the “DELETE”)
    5) disconnect your camcorder from the computer by doing a safe eject
    6) launch the FlipShare application on your computer
    7) reconnect your camcorder and allow FlipShare to upgrade the software on your camcorder
    8) safe eject the camcorder and check record time.

    ATTEMPT 4) – They are out of ideas so….

    Please ship your camcorder to:

    RMA #:
    Case Number: 110118-002657
    C/O Flip Return Center
    CT Park Brno
    Turanka 110
    627 00 Brno
    Czech Republic

    Along with your camera, please include on a separate sheet of paper the following information:

    Model Number:
    Serial Number:
    Address (street, city/town, state/province, & postal code):
    Place of purchase
    Date of purchase:
    Description of problem:

    Upon receipt of your camcorder, Flip Video will do our utmost to retrieve any videos you may have and make all necessary repairs. If we are unable to repair your camera, we will issue you a replacement. We will return your camera as quickly as possible.

    Please note that you have 60 days from today to send your camcorder to our Receiving Center. After this time, your RMA number will expire and your case will be closed.

    Please send only your camcorder and keep all accessories as these may not be returned to you.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.


    I have now shipped to Czech Rep and it arrived today. Flip has acknowledged that they’ve received it but have now said.

    The following replacement products


    and all the alternative replacements are temporarily out of stock.
    You will receive an email, which will include the tracking number as soon as your replacement product ships.

    Flip Video apologizes for the inconvenience, and will provide replacement products as soon as possible.


    Let’s see how long it takes to get one back in stock.

    • Kristian

      Yey, my replacement FlipCam arrived yesterday and it actually charges! I got it and it was already pretty low so thought I’d give it a full charge to the top before I start using it. Seems they will replace them at Flip if you can’t get yours working using the above techniques.

  • lwg

    number 1 worked. bizarre — but thanks.

  • Louise Cook

    After following your option 2 I was able to charge my Flip from the USB connection to the computer. Now today it needs charging again and when I plug it into the USB it is charging fine but when I plug it into a power socket – it drains it – I have a 3 pin plug with a USB connection. I’m concerned that my only option when on holiday is by using a power socket – do you know how to fix this problem too? Cheers. Louise

      • Louise Cook

        Hi again, although my battery was showing as charged when plugged into the USB (full green battery icon) after just a short time (hours) if I plugged it in again it would be right back down to a red line. After talking to the Flip help team (in the Phillipines!) they told me to return it to the Czech Republic and they will send me a whole new unit and battery. I have done this (cost me £9.69!!) and am eagerly awaiting my new Flip and hope this one works properly. They also said they are developing a mains charger so that’s something to look forward to (?) Cheers. Louise

        • iVan

          I’ll keep my toes crossed for you (fingers are tied up typing this message, so I have to resort to second best). I got a replacement that was just as bad which is why I resorted to rechargeable AA’s

          • Louise

            Noooooooooooooooo, don’t say that. They have just emailed me saying that my Flip Ultra II HD is out of stock and they have offered me a Mino in its place “of the same standard or higher” – getting worried now………..Louise

          • iVan

            Sorry for party-pooping, didn’t mean to scare you. But I would stick with the Flip that can accept AA’s.

            Flip’s great, but it’s not a bad idea to use rechargeable AA’a with it. I do.

          • Kristian

            Louise, they sent an email to me saying they were out of stock too, but the next day they said one had been sent out and I’ve got that now. Personally I’d say I’d rather wait for a straight swap than getting a Mino version. The replacement one seems to be going okay thus far.

            Yeah you can use AA batteries like iVan said, but to me….if it has a battery pack you should be able to use it and it’s their problem that they’ve made a product with a shoddy battery pack. Buying AA batteries is letting Flip off the hook. Just keep pressing them I’d say. It worked for me.

          • Lousie

            Hmmmmm, so the Mino won’t take AA’s I take it. I’ve been trying to find out what the difference between them is and it’s not easy.

  • gabe loko

    #1 worked :D!
    Also this made me laugh to.
    Thanks !

  • Mel

    Hey, you really ARE an SEO ninja! This article comes up #1 on the big G, ahead of the manufacturer’s site! Well done.

  • Number four worked for me!!!!

    • iVan

      Well that’s a new record – I had both God and Jesus post a comment on this very post (see commenter #6).

      Sure hope that Red (the guy below the manhole cover) never hears about the gathering though. I wouldn’t want to start a competition with that guy (no sense of humor from what I hear)

      Anyhoo, I promised to send some moonshine to those who had to resort to number 4. So what’s your postal code in Heaven, and do I have to send it via air mail?

      Also is moonshine OK? I wouldn’t mind sending some Chiraz, but I hear you have the water-to-wine technology up there, so I’m guessing that stuff is passé.

  • too late

    Same problem here. Unfortunately I broke down and spent the $22 for a new battery. Problem solved. I still plan to try solution #1 with the old battery just to see. Thanks for the advice. I’ll be waiting on the moonshine. =0)

  • Linda Thomas

    I had to replace the first one because it wouldn’t charge or when it did charge it wouldn’t hold a charge. Now the second one charges but its like it has a hole in it and all the juice dumps out because it is down when I want to use it in just a couple of days. I hadn’t even used it.

  • Hi iVan! This page/thread has been a HUGE help, as I incorporate my Ultra HD into some of the things I produce here at K-State. I thought I’d throw in this little… inconsistency.

    I have two Apple machines that I work on/with: a 3 Ghz Mac Pro (dual widescreen monitors, almost 3 TBs of storage), and a MacBook Pro.

    I have noticed that when I use the AC adapter wall charger to charge my Flip, I get both the “Check battery pack-Charging paused,” and the “It’s hot in here!” messages. I generally get the same messages when I plug into a USB slot on the big Mac Pro.

    When I use my MacBook Pro to charge the Flip, I may get one or two “Check battery” messages, and I may have to unplug and replug a couple of times… but it will soon settle down, and the batter will charge right up… and it will charge FAST.

    So, for those of you that have a MacBook or other laptop/notebook computer, try that out. You may be pleasantly surprised.


  • Tania Dunlap

    Wow – #1 worked for me.

    Camera worked fine all last spring and summer, but has been sitting on my desk since. Would not charge today.

    Your advice is very much appreciated!

  • Andrea

    Procedure 1 worked perfectly. So grateful for this article – thank you!

  • Gary Harkins

    When you say that you went to rechargeable batteries, I assume you mean AA size NiMh Duracells or other brand from local store? Use them just like any other AA’s and recharge in the camera?



  • Brian

    I don’t get it but…# 3 worked for us. Thanks for sharing this very useful information. I’m glad this came up near the top of Google search. :-)

  • Ryan

    #1 worked! Thank you for posting this. I thought I let it get too wet in the snow this past weekend.

  • Yvette21

    I had this problem with only using the camera one time just to test it out. I later picked it up again to practice with it for a demo and received this problem about the battery pack. I couldn’t understand it. However, I felt that someone else must have had this problem and sure enough many have. #1 worked for me. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

  • Penny

    I had trouble charging my battery as well.. wouldn’t charge on an imac or with the Flip adapter when I first got it. I thought there was something wrong with the adapter, or the way the camera connected to the back of my imac because for some reason it charges fine if connected to my laptop (knock on wood.. I’ve only had the camera for about 3 months). Let a friend borrow the power adapter and it worked for him so I tried it again with my camera, but no go. None of the strategies listed above worked for me, though. Stinks, though knowing that I probably won’t be able to re-charge the camera unless I lug around my laptop and power cord!! Guess I’ll have to investigate rechargeable AAs

  • Kay

    Why should you have to resort to buying rechargeable batteries when this company (Flip) have provided you a camera that doesn’t fully function correctly???

    I wasn’t prepared to let them off the hook and say…”oh well it doesn’t matter I’ll just buy batteries”……. if the above three tips don’t work, as they didn’t work on mine…..people should contact Flip through their website and let them know that you’re not very impressed with their product and you won’t be recommending it to anyone.

    I did this…..they told me to send it to their base in Czech…..so I said to them I don’t see why I should have to pay approx £14 postage to send this to Czech when it’s a fault with their product. I asked if they could send through a freepost label……. he said he’ll check with his manager…… three days later they sent me a pre-paid UPS label.

    I now have a brand new Flip cam which actually charges. Don’t let them off the hook Penny and get yourself a replacement!

  • Kim

    I’m about ready for option #4.

    Maybe this is a reason Cisco’s shutting down the business.


  • YOU ARE THE MAN! #1 worked for me. I tried using my iPad charger which is higher power, different computers, nothing. Your solution #1 worked like a charm. Thanks for taking the time to post for all of us!
    (ad removed by admin)

  • John F

    I have a Mino HD that charges perfectly and quickly every time from any computer or USB charger and an Ultra HD that only charges from a Flip charger or a computer as long as the Flip software is shut down and to be sure of a full charge I have to leave it overnight (even then it doesn’t last very long).
    You would think they could have got it right for both. Having a portable camera that shoots two hours of video does not seem so portable when you have to carry a pocket full of spare batteries.

  • Sal L

    No wonder Cisco dropped this piece of crap it’s horrible for reliability. I’ve read so many stories of the Flip crappin out within months of being purchased.

  • Glennie-boy

    Thanks to the uploader and appreciate the humor too.
    The Cisco works fine all bar the cranky battery but isn’t this always the weak link in AV equipment? I found solution 1 worked okay although I don’t charge via PC but a USB mains adaptor. Much faster recharging albeit that the screen display blanks out anf therefore you need to keep returning via the red button for a status update. Cisco have dumped it? Really? Customer support means very little these days it seems.

  • John F

    During charging the screen illumination shuts down but the battery status is still visible in a strong light. My LED flashlight works fine, but sunlight or a table lamp works fine too.

  • Maria

    Wow thank you!!! I have a BRAND new Flip, it turned on once with the partially charged battery pack, then wouldn’t turn on OR charge. Nothing on the screen, no red light, nothin. I did option 1 and now it is charging. Thank you thank you thank you :)


    It took me till the 3rd step, perhaps its my mac? But hey it works…your awesome!

  • Jamie

    Mine STILL doesn’t charge and I’m too young to drink (Lol). Help??

  • Nancy

    Thank you so much!! Option #1 worked for me! =)

  • Pam

    So….my flip mino HD will not charge. Ever had any luck with this one??

  • Chris

    Very funny and helpfull web page.
    Step 1 worked for me.

    Thanks very much!

  • mrod

    Procedure one worked just fine, but I still like to practice procedure 4 with this camera. I had previously returned it for the same reason, but the second camera had the same problem. Thank you for the help.

  • Lucifer Satan of STUDIO 13

    Couldn’t find Cletus’ contact info for the moonshine, so I drank a bottle of Jack. tried step 4 first. (’cause is sounded like more fun) Step 1. . . No luck. . . Step 2. . . It’s charging! I can’t believable! Thanx!

    • iVan

      Not sure if you’ve read other comments, but both God and Jesus left a comment already, and I don’t wanna get on a bad side of those two by commenting on your comment. But damn – you’ve got style, Satan =P

  • Jude333

    I skeptically tried it and it worked!! THNAK YOU, you’re awesome!

  • Jude333

    oops… I meant “THANK.” D’oh!

  • JA Moran

    I don’t know what to do with mine. I’ve tried all 3. I sometimes see the lightning bolt but the battery icon is only on the RED. I only charge this cam when my daughter is going to do something special for the day–which always falls short ’cause the battery does not last that long to begin with. Very frustrating! I left it “charging” on my mac laptop overnight with the lightning bolt flashing. No improvement whatsoever :(

    • iVan

      I feel your pain Jay
      Third-party rechargeable AA’s are pretty much the only solution you can count on 100%. (yeah, I know – it’s a bummer)

      If you do, I suggest getting a good charger that isn’t a timed one, but actually measures the level of charge, or else you’ll be cooking the batteries and significantly shortening their life span

  • beep

    i’m still having troubles. I did everything it said and my flip still won’t charge. Oh, i have regular rechargable batteries, instead of the “flip” batteries, because mine didn’t come with them, does that make any difference?

    • iVan

      It does – the flip battery has a little thingamajig that turns on the USB charging. rechargeable AA’s don’t, so you have to charge them using 3rd-party chargers

  • John F

    >> It does – the flip battery has a little thingamajig that turns on the USB charging.

    A little thingamajig that MAY turn on the USB charging IF IT FEELS LIKE IT.

  • Andy B

    Thanks. I am trying step 1 right now, and have notified my local liquor store that they need to refresh their stock of MadDog 20/20, but a good vintage bottle — I insisted.
    – I have done so many things trying to charge mine as well. I even removed some of the plastic covering the bottom of the battery, since it seemed one of the round contact points was covered. I hope this works; nevertheless, I still may purchase a 7 $ replacement battery for backup from Best Buy. Cheers !!

  • Andy B

    We should file a class action against this obviously well known faulty product. Those SOB’s make you buy their battery and then it doesn’t charge? Sure, you can use AA batteries, but they only last 30 min or so. — Fire up the papers!!

  • JimSigs

    Hi There,

    I have a 2nd generation Flip model number M2120.How do you replace battery. Cannot see any method of getting into the camera. Is there some secret way of doing this.

  • Max

    I have a flip, and it’s pretty much working fine exept it doesnt charge very well at the computer but I tried #1 and it worked fine. Does anyone know how much it’s charged whithout being plugged in

    • iVan

      Hey Max
      Good question. It’s right up there with “who built the Spinx”, and “are southern democrats an urban myth”…

      To tell you the truth, that is just another one on a long list of glitchy flip-related things.

      Flip should display the level of battery charge on its screen. Lovely word, that one, eh?


  • JimSigs

    Thanks iVan,

    Looks as if the Mino 2nd Generation can’t change batteries etc. Unless I use a tin opener.


  • Anthony

    HEY iVan didn’t i read somewhere or heard that the company is either in bankruptcy or going out of business?

  • To heck with recharging the battery! How ’bout some tips on sacrificing virgins; are they still around? I thought they were extinct ….

  • Joy

    Thanks, #1 seems to have done the trick!

  • Ryan

    I got a Flip Ultra HD last year and noticed the problem with it not charging out of the red when plugged in. I wanted to use it for a basketball camp I do a highlight video for so I immediately found this page. I tried trick number one and now I no longer need step number 4. Thanks iVan!

  • Nadine Moultrie

    This was really helpful. Option 1 solved my problem immedietly!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  • sh

    Hey… thanks much. I tried #1 and then #2. Mine wasn’t the exact problem – but that of not charging fully. It was a trash emptying issue as well. Thanks again. Glad this was a gift item and not a purchase. It’s wonky.

  • Julie

    Wow! Option 1 worked for me! such a simple fix. Hopefully won’t have to always do this.

  • Maria

    Thank you. Option 1 worked… at least for now. Fingers crossed it holds. Just left disappointed that my Flip has this issue.

  • Rick

    I have a newer Ultra that doesnot slide apart and looking for a way to take the lower case apart to where I believe the battery is located.The mounting hole for a tripod has a small hole located in the bottom of the mount. This apparently is a reset switch. a paper clip will access the switch. It’s just a matter of pushing and feeling the switch, after I pushed it the unit starting recharging

  • Sharon

    Hi there- several times we have let our ultra 3rd gen run out of juice. That’s when it won’t restart or charge up. I can charge it up using a USB hub when there is juice left, but when it’s totally used up, this is the only thing that works: I take the battery out, plug it into our iMac’s keyboard USB port, and the “connected” message comes on. Then I reinsert the battery and it begins to charge. That’s the only way it has worked for me. Thanks for your clues!
    p.s. @ Rick – the 3rd gen doesn’t seem to have that reset switch you mentioned. I opened ours by releasing the cover lock on the base of the camera (you can see and toggle it easily), then the cover slides off. If my 3rd gen slides off maybe yours does too…?

  • Frank

    Same problem here. Solution #2 seems to be working, but I don’t know for how long. I really don’t want to have to ship this thing back to get a working one. Thank you for this site. At least I know that I’m not the only one!

  • Bob Urga

    My Flip Ultra HD charges from my laptop or my netbook but comes up with the all too familiar fault warning when charging from a PC or USB mains charger. It will not charge if connected via a USB lead, it has to be a direct connection.
    As a video it’s great, simple to use and compact. At least I am able to recharge it even though it is selective about the source.

  • MissViv2

    Thank you, Ivan! I have the Flip MinoHD (no removable battery), which meant that I had to take apart the entire thing to get to the battery and unplug it. #1 without the safely remove hardware step worked for me. I couldn’t safely remove because it never connected to the PC, but it did start to charge and continued to charge until my battery was green! Then it connected properly and I was able to update the firmware. How to get to the battery: there are two little screws located under the stickers at the HDMI plug end. Take those two screws out and then the face pops off like an iPod face does. Be very careful because the face can crack if you’re not careful. Then there are four screws holding the board in (the battery is underneath). Two of the screws are under the screen (held there by sticky tape…careful). Unplug the white connection from the battery and follow #1 above. Good luck!

  • Scott

    #3 worked for me. Thanks! Originally mine was plugged into a wall charger. Kept getting error ‘too hot – charging paused”. Tried #3 and now I get the green bar with a lightening bolt, with the charger.

    Thanks again.

    ps. I’m on a mac(not that it matters but it worked with your instructions)

  • Darwin's Monkey

    Wow! You just saved my temperamental little Flip from spending the rest of it’s days in a dusty box with my other discarded broken electronics. #1 was the fix!

    I’m saving this page as my favorite- sure I’ll need to revisit when my Flip flips out again.

    You’re the top banana!

  • jon burgess

    top man!!! I had assumed that I would just be throwing the re-chargeables away and regularly buying new batteries..Thanks for posting your amusing story! soooo grateful!

  • jon burgess

    p.s # 1 did it!

  • OH THE BABY! I ordered two new batteries, thinking it was it..then nada..went to best buy to buy a new one..then was like later.

    Came home, found you, tried all three, it didn’t work :(

    Then, i was just checking something else, and i looked down at it, and it was flashing! So, it just needed a minute i guess! Its charging :) YAY! THANK U THANK U THANK U!!! and now I have 3 batteries :P

  • Brenda

    Hi, Mine says LOW BATTERY only, nothing about battery pack. I charged it all night and nothing. But Can you tell me how to pop the battery? I see no buttons or ways to even just pop the battery out. Thanks!

  • Worked! Procedure 1.

    I bought two referb’ed flip HDs. One was fine, the other arrived dead. Swapping of the battery confirmed that it was the problem.

    I tried AAAs, both rechargeable and disposable, with no luck. The AAAs couldn’t last longer than 10min.

    Did Procedure 1, works as it should.


  • Also, for the record, I didn’t choose that pink triangle as my avatar — not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • Of course, having a rechargeable battery in the first place always helps. We have a flip ultra and spent a while trying to get it to charge without success. Then we opened it to find a pair of very dead AA batteries inside! [grin]

  • Amazing

    THANK YOU!!OMG I have been trying since june to fix this thing. thanks a million.

  • Amazing

    Oh and option 1 did it for me.

  • dnar357

    Thanks for the assistance. Option 1 worked

  • Chris

    Boom. Fixed. Many thanks.

  • Robin

    Option #2 worked for me. That is to say, it is currently charging. Thank you so much. I was nearly ready to fall on my sword.

    p.s. will I have to do this every time I charge it or just the initial charge?

  • John F

    I just bought a new Flip Ultra HD (they are clearing stock from the website) and it charges first time from a non-Flip USB charger.

  • Sto Bailie

    I just got these add’l tips from Cisco/Flip:

    1. You may not see any indication that the camcorder is charging or detected for the first 30 minutes especially when its battery got drained or extremely low.
    2. Keep it plugged in for 6 hours to fully charge the camcorder.
    3. Make sure that your computer is not on hibernate or power saving mode when charging the camcorder.
    4. If the Flipshare software is already installed, make sure not to open or run it while charging the camcorder since that will slow the charging.
    5. If after 6hours the camcorder will not turn on still, try other USB port of your computer or try other computer too.

  • ahh thanks so much for this post. So helpful.

  • Michael

    Yeah!!! I have been trying for months to get it to work and now it does!! THANK YOU!!!

  • Peter

    I tried everything, even opened up the mino.

    The only thing that kept happening was one orange / red led light burning. It blinked when i put out the batterie.
    After 1 hour of trying several things, only the following worked for me: i unplugged the USB (to desktop computer) i unplugged the battery, and while holding the reset button i reconnected it (to the logic board) Then, i held again the reset button, while plugging in the USB (extension cord) to the desktop. The display came to life again, and showed me a sweet batterie with a charging symbol (lighting)
    Now i have to re-assemble the d*mn thing (thumbs up!)

  • HotMama

    Holy shit. #1 worked. THANKS!

  • C-POP

    Option #1 worked – spasibo (спасибо) Comrade Ivan for the advice. It saved me money on a new battery.

  • amazed

    It really worked. Removed battery and did step 1 and its charging as I type!! thank you

  • Laura

    Step 3 worked for me — REALLY appreciate this site. Thank you so much!

  • Option 1 does seem to trigger the charge to work. But, I don’t think the battery is dead. Here’s why:

    After having what appeared to be a dead battery like everyone else and following option #1 here, I got the battery charge indicator to come on. Cool, but here’s the strange part. IT FULLY CHARGED IN UNDER 10 MINUTES! No freakin’ way! That is impossible.

    So, I think the battery is charged all along, but the Flip thinks it’s not for whatever reason. This Option #1 fix simply fixes that issue and it reads the correct voltage and lets it stay on when in use.

    Your thoughts??

    Thanks for the fix!

  • Denis

    I tried all 3,unfortunately someone else suggested formating it which I started but cancelled half way through mmmmm now pc doesn’t even recognise it and the red charging light is dimly flashing and the screen doesn’t come on grrrrrrrr why did I touch it ? any idea will be great as I need to use it soon.

    • iVan

      Hmmmm, aborting a formatting process with devices like that – bad Karma.

      Real bad.

      I’d say call the support at this point (as for being able to use it soon, you might wanna look at other options – such as borrowing a camera from someone else)

  • Denis

    Yes think your right ;-/ ho hum.
    Thank you anyways, spoke with flip today and they said charge it tonight and speak tomorrow………. let’s see after all it is full moon tonight and 11/11/11 tomorrow so madness is allowed, including my own :-)

    • iVan

      Lol – years ago I set my phone to go off tomorrow at 11:11 am and remind me to do nothing in particular.

      Aside from maybe acknowledge the reminder.

      I woulda set the seconds too, but that’s just stupid :D

  • Michele

    Thanks!!!! #1 worked…I have been stumped for the past 2 weeks why the darn battery wouldn’t charge.

  • Rinny

    Thank you so much! I gotta hurry and charge it!! I as so afraid it wasn’t going to work tonight! You’re a life saver

  • tazbattler

    Who would have thought!! option 1 worked for me.
    Awsome thanks.

  • Ash

    OMG Thank for sharing this knowledge! :D i havent been able to charge my flip past 10% (ish, never out of the red, recorded 10mins max) for 11 out of 12 months i’ve had the camera!

    Option 1 appeared to work for me as its currently charging as i type, so fingers crossed i’ll be able to record for a while when i wake up :D

    Cheers! :D

  • joy

    WOW!!! #2 totally worked for me!!! Thanks!

  • Charlie

    #1 works great! thanks so much!

  • Liz

    Thanks number 1 worked!!

    • iVan

      Thank God it did… otherwise you’d have to MacGyver a microchip out of can of tomato juice and a surgical glove filled with peanut butter to make this work.

      I’ll leave it to your imagination to put those three together though =P

  • Gemma

    Thank you number 1 worked for me too :)

  • Charlene

    Thanks so much for posting your solution!! #1 worked without the need to disconnect. I just pulled the battery while the Flip was connected to my computer, re-inserted the battery, and we are charging!

  • Brenda

    I have the flip Slide. any suggestions on how to open it? I tried hitting the reset button and charging it for hours and nothing. help! thanks.


    Fix #1 works for me but only if I use a USB needs to be on a Flexy cord between USB connector on the cam and PC USB port – as suggested here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYYR8isKbZc&feature=related

  • Paul

    Fix No.1 worked a treat!!! Thanks very much and thank goodness there are guys like you out there to save us ‘technophobes’!!

  • Andy

    Fantastic :) Thank you so much for #1

  • JETS

    Hi – It is amusing that this site is still needed over a year on – c’mon FLIP! – Got the flip for my son as a present as he is keen on making film – battery life a bit of a disaster – tried option 1 and seems to be going green – but taking forever! – seems to freeze just over half way now. When using batteries didnt seem to give much film time – its like the FLIP is draining really quickly. Will try to get the green full & see how long it films for as before only lasting about 15 mins. Fingers crossed – if we dont get good life I am getting another make and my money back – shame but not much point in buying a battery pack for 2.5 hrs filming if it doesnt actually work!

  • Mary-Jo

    It totally worked. I can hardly believe – thank you THANK YOU! I purchased two batteries with my camera to always be ready with a charged battery and a wall-plug-in charger, too. One battery eventually wouldn’t charge, and my 2nd one failed this weekend. SO GLAD I found your site/suggestions. OPTION#1 worked! for BOTH batteries. yeah! Love my Flip camera – so easy, good quality, so glad.

  • mudxorz

    Option #1 worked. I am happy

  • Sunny

    Yeah!!!! Option 1 worked. Camera’s charging right now. Thanks for this site!!!!!

  • Scotty Allen

    I could not power up the Flip Video Cam after downloading the video, I slid the front cover off the camera and took the battery out and reinserted it. It powers up.

  • sojo

    Thank you so very much! You are a genius! And Option #1 worked like a charm. Bless you!

  • profj87

    Emptying the recycle bin worked for me. Glad I found your post, it was helpful and quite amusing. I feel stupid for not realizing that AA batteries were a temporary fix. Thanks for the lesson(s).

  • Lis'

    It looked like it was working on the 3rd option but then I got a new message saying, “it’s really hot, charging paused.” I chucked the old batteries and am just going to use regular rechargeable batteries. It’s a little annoying, but at least I don’t have to spend any extra money. Thanks for trying to help! Would love some of that moonshine though!

    • iVan

      Just so you know, Flip doesn’t charge 3rd-party rechargeables last time I tried. You have to use an external charger.

      In fact, that little plastic thingy sticking out the top between the contacts – I believe that’s what tells Flip the battery is OEM (but don’t quote me on that).

  • Option #2 worked for me. I am amazed! Never expected this battery to fail right outta the box…

  • MamaHoll

    Love it, #1 worked for me! Thank u soon much!!!

  • I found that I had to use a powered USB. Not obvious at first that there are different classes of USB slots, but having one on a small PC or notebook, you may find it is the unpowered type.

    It is not obvious just by looking at it either.


  • Jerry

    Holy Crap it freakin worked….Thanks

  • Jen

    Thank you sooooo much, the first option worked for me!!!

  • Kels

    My Flip ultra hd was perfectly fine one day and it turned off because the battery was dead. I tried to recharge it but it wouldn’t even turn on, i dont know if my problem is exactly like yours or is different. PLZ respond because i need this camera…

  • Kerry

    Genius! Step 1 worked first time for me. I’d not used my Flip for quite some time and, needless to say, when I did get it out ready to take somewhere it was completely flat. I’d had similar problems thinking a completely flat iPhone wouldn’t charge, only to discover that it could take half hour or more ‘on charge’ before it gave any signs of life whatsoever – so I thought that may be the case with the Flip – not so.

    First hit on Google was this thread, followed Step 1 and – voila! it’s now charging.

    Well done :)

  • Ryanoceros

    All this playing with the battery is just Voodoo, which may result in the “battery present” switch getting pressed down. Once the switch is properly pressed down, the flip will charge. If you want a more permanent and consistent solution, follow the steps in the following article:


    • iVan

      My apologies Ryanoceros, but I had to edit out a part of your comment for legal reasons.

      BTW, messing with button that was the first thing I tried before I posted this.

      • Ryanoceros

        Alas, you’re right in the end. On my flip and my wife’s flip, the little paper trick worked right away. And then on to my friend’s… where it took your procedure #1 to work. Looks like Voodoo is the way to go – sigh.

        • iVan

          This is one time I wish I was wrong. The little tab seems like a simple enough of a solution.

          The one problem (reason I had the post edited) is when folks try to do it with non-oem batteries

  • Debra Haaland

    Thanks so much! It worked without having to go to step 4. You’re awesome!

  • Emptying the trashcan worked for me, thanks so much. :-)

  • Rhian

    Thanks – you are a genius! Have been trying to figure out how to fix my flipcam for ages. Option 1 worked a treat!

  • Mark

    So far so good, the red light is staying on now. I’ll bet Flip is using this page for call-in support nowadays! Thanks for being smart.

  • Scotty Allen

    My wife’s Flip was used until it needing charging… It would not charge by plugging it into the USB of the home laptop… I just removed the battery and left it out a minute or so and put the battery back into place and “Viola”!!!! It began charging and powering up… so far two months later and it works perfectly!!!

  • Lola Fanola

    Procedure 2 worked for me. Thank you for the tip.

  • Geraldo Starkey

    Fantastic goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you’re just too magnificent. I really like what you’ve acquired here, certainly like what you are stating and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it wise. I cant wait to read much more from you. This is actually a tremendous site.

    • iVan

      Thanks for the really magnificent spam Geraldo. I certainly state your comment was too entertaining, and the tremendous link you placed within was removed :-P

  • Irene Stamatelakys

    Merci beaucoup! #1 worked like a charm. You are most appreciated! Very entertaining reading by the way . . .

  • Frederique T

    Option 1 worked for me. I LOVED the way you wrote your post. Clear, clear, clear!
    Thank YOU!

  • Jack

    Did anyone think of buying batteries instead of using the rechargeable pack? Seems like it should work it theory.

  • Just felt compelled to chime in with compliments. You’ve got some serious MacGyver chops going on. So sweet. Thanks a lot.

  • Klikin

    Can’t believe it! #s 1 and 2 did nothing, but #3 worked for me! Thanks a bunch!

  • Stephen Blaze

    Number 2 Worked!! THANK YOU!!! :D

  • I have a Slide HD and had similar problems.

    Hidden in the tripod mounting hole is a tiny hole that is a reset button. 15 sec hold with a pin and it reset and is charging fine!!

  • Nathan Staz

    Thank you so much – no.1 worked for me too!

  • Rachel Williams

    Thank you so much! I’ve been trying everything to fix my Flip, from tinkering to having my dad mess with it. I didn’t want to bother with techincal support, because it ends up a mess. Thanks again for going through the trouble you did to get this information to us! :)

  • John

    I started using AA Rechargeable Batteries on first use of my Flip Ultra HD camera. I’ve had this video camera about 3-years; has had no problem, easy to use and carry, very simple, I only use AA battery.

  • annamarie

    Hi…tried your solution, but it did not work…however I found that if you remove the small piece of plastic on the battery contact (around the negative part of the battery)it was the terminal which was the problem. So after doing that I tried your fix…and it worked!

  • J

    No. 1 seems to have worked – thank you so much!

  • kathie

    where is the battery? we cant find it… scared to pry open … thanskj

    • Janis

      Ahem, the slider that opens the battery compartment is right where you’d expect it – at the bottom.

      Unless, of course you’re trying to open a different model (they only wrote “Ultra HD” about 4 times in the article above so it’s easy to miss it)

      • iVan

        Janis, that’s borderline trolling; play nice on the web, pretty please

        Kathie, as Janis (not so politely) stated, there should be a slider at the bottom. If not there, you likely have a different model and should contact Flip support.

        Best of luck!

  • Jamie Huggins

    OMG! Thought it was dead forever and then found this. #1 worked! You’re awesome! Thanks for sharing your hard work!

  • Karen

    Thanks for the message as this was the only way that I could get the battery to charge. Great instructions!

  • Marsha

    Wow. You are a complete saint in the FLIPping shit world of hel Cisco has created with this nifty little device. Step one worked liked a charm on my new IMac. I’d buy you an adult beverage if you lived in Kansas city. Peace to you my Internet friend

  • Jim

    Ivan – I just did your procedure 2 about 3 times and it finally worked! I don’t have a “green” light on my camera yet (it’s only been charging about 5 min) but at least I don’t have the blinking red light – Thanks!

  • Gary

    Thanks, man! It’s charging. I must admit, I went straight to step 4 drinking, cursing and anger before looking to see if someone else had figured it out online.

  • Dolories

    Ivan thank you, I’ve had my Ultra HD for 2 years and never had a problem with charging until today. Again, thanks.

  • Jill

    I found the piece of plastic over the negative terminal, but couldn’t find anything about removing it on any of the official Flip websites. Googled it and found that’s what worked for annamarie, so I felt safe in removing the plastic, and the battery pack is charging great .

  • Prodeep

    Followed Step 1 for Flip Ultra HD – Removed battery & connected to USB; re-inserted battery when “Connected” came on and did a safe removal, after which I reconnected back again. Not getting the battery or charging symbol. Haven’t used it for over an year. Can it be that the battery’s dead? Else planning to go to Step 4. Or replace them with two standard AA rechargeable alkaline batteries. Any suggestions?

  • thanks alot. i had tried very many time and could not go through until i googled to get the procedures.
    i tried ony the first one and it worked.

  • hahaha this is really funny and it worked! Much appreciated :).


  • Shanghai Shopper

    Wow, thank you so much! Your advice was super easy to follow. I am about to record an album in Shanghai with students and I am documenting some of it with my flip. Some of it will be done with a film crew. The first interview is today! Thank you again! I was so bummed when I got the Check Battery message. Now it seems to be charging! Incidentally, I have had my flip for over 3 years and have never had a problem until now. I am sorry to read about everyone instantly having problems. Dang!

  • Marie

    Thank you so very very very very much!

  • Sam

    Yep, another successful charging repair. Thanks a million! Now, can you get Flip to support OS Lion?

  • John Rhodes

    I had a flip ultra that I used to use rechargeable AA’s in exclusively. Lost that in the divorce and just recently bought the generation 3 flip ultra HD, it can be alternatively powered using AAA batteries. When I purchased this Ultra HD I also ordered a 12 pack of Nickel-Metal Hydride AAA (1000mAhr) batteries for general use. I have found that the flip Li-Ion (1300mAhr) flip battery pack is much better. I get almost 2 hours of record time with the flip battery pack and about 15 minutes record time with the AAA batteries. Keep that in mind as the AA batteries may not give full record time as well. I never took the time to compare this issue when I had the Ultra nonHD before the divorce. I have not used AAA alkaline batteries in the Gen 3 Ultra HD yet but just plan on buying another flip battery pack. Keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t get the dreaded Battery won’t charge message. I don’t know if I was of help but hope you consider my findings.

  • Char

    as stupid as it seemed to me #3 WORKED for me! after a year of trying!

  • JamesWarner

    Second option worked so far. Unfortunately, it was after our trip to Italy. Thanks for the work.

  • Richard nortey

    solution 1 worked for me, thanks a lot guys

  • stillywaterny

    hey it worked and i was about to replace the battery .lolol ty so much

  • Thank you

    Worked when I left it plugged into a wall USB, took the battery out, then put the battery back in without unplugging it from the wall. Thank you for the help!

  • Overwhelmed & Frustrated

    I have a very important family video on my mino Flip camera and I can not seem to get it off and on to the computer to share with family.
    I have tried to hook it up to 2 computers and neither one can recognize it.
    I downloaded other ones just the day before and had no problem. But do remember that I had trouble charging up to full charge on the battery.
    Please help me if you can.

    Thank you!!!! :/

  • Claire Bennett

    THANK YOU!!!! #1 worked! Hooray!

    Your instructions were so clear.

  • Jessica McLaughlin

    Hi Ivan,
    I have a Flip SlideHD and have always had problems charging it. I called tech support numerous times without any help or offer of a solution. My Slide is out of warranty so they won’t replace it, and since the company is basically kaput they will not fix it. The battery on the Slide is not easily accessible and the whole unit has to be basically disassembled to get to the damned battery. I’ve tried searching for a tutorial or YouTube video on how to get at the battery without any luck.
    Any suggestions as to how to tackle this? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!
    - JMc

  • Blue

    Option one worked for me. THANK YOU!!!! I thought my Flip was toast.

  • Wow – number 1 worked so far. I was ready to throw the battery away. Tried the Triple A’s and they didn’t hold much charge. Then I was ready to throw the camera away. I love this camera…when it works. My Youtube channel has many videos from this camera and it does just fine. Thank you iVan.

  • Karl

    Option one worked for me…came online searching for where to purchase another battery pack found, found your quick easy summary of how I might get it to work…thank you, much appreciated

  • #1 worked, but now that is is half charged the camera won’t turn on. It blinks on briefly, then goes black. Hope a full charge will change that.

  • Paul

    I think option # 4 should include a hammer!

    What a peice of junk…

  • Lollie

    WOW! Option #1 made my day, even three years from your original post.

  • Fred

    #1 procedure worked perfectly for me. Cheers!

  • John Stella

    I got it to charge, but it won’t stay on. Any ideas?

  • Heavenly

    Thank you so much! It appears that my flip camera is now charging but I won’t believe it til I see it in the morning!! Can you tell me if its possible/safe to charge my flip ultra HD using my iPhone charger? It would be so much easier than using my laptop! Conflicting reports on my google search.. You seem to be a man in the know! Thank you!!

  • Thanks… Just like a few other have commented before me… I really did not think there was a way to resolve the “Check battery pack-Charging paused” issue with my Flip HD camera. I’ve had this camera for several years and is only one of about 4 cameras I use. I had semi-retired it after several failed attempts to Youtube and Google a solution. Ivan, your solution #1 is the first that successfully worked to fully charge the flipping Flip battery. thanks

  • Great advice, unfortunately for me I’m stuck with it not always staying charged, if it even charges at all. By that I mean a full green bar but it won’t turn on and then displays a red charging bar when it decides to respond to being plugged in. Been through the tech support non sense (after the first call its a bit redundant) oh and this is the replacement battery. Though option #4 has been fun as of late,any ideas?

  • Kathie Byers

    Solution 1 worked! Thanks so much.

  • Billy

    sunnuva beeatch it worked! dang!

  • Lori

    Thanks! The first procedure (after a couple tries actually) worked for me! You were a lifesaver. Charging now and hoping it’s still working by this evening for a dance recital.

  • Linda Belmont

    Thank you SO MUCH! I thought we lost all of our video from Prague since the camera died during our trip and could not recharge. The first solution worked (I didn’t even know you could remove the battery.) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Matt G

    #1 worked for me, Im so glad I found this! Older thread, but still very helpful, thanks!

  • sohail patta

    Wow d first one worked for me thanks :)
    Lol n i liked d way u explained the problem :D

  • david

    #1 is the one. thanks

  • laura

    Whoa! Thank you so much for the advice! it absolutely worked!!

  • liseuk67

    LOVED reading this, so entertaining… so funny
    … AND Procedure 1 seems to have worked for me!!!
    Thank you Ivan
    a very grateful comrade

  • dafatman

    Thanks alot …. option 1 worked :-)

  • Are you a magician?
    #1 worked, even though my battery is old and I should have got a new one!
    Kisses from Brazil

  • dlong

    When it’s charging, is the lightening bolt supposed to be flashing? I had it plugged in for 6 hours, and the indicator is still red, with the bolt flashing.

    • Comrade iVan

      Not sure, to tell you the truth – it’s been ages since I used mine (I gave my flip camera away a few years ago – been using a camera on my phone ever since)

  • albert

    What if we can’t take out he battery? What if we use the lithium battery version?

    • Comrade iVan

      HD ultra normally uses lithium ion battery. If you use the same model, yours is nothing special, and should come out easy.
      If you have a different model, I suggest checking the Flip manufacturer if it can even be done. HD Ultra is the only one I ever had, so I would probably be the wrong person to ask

  • michal

    It is more than six months, I could not recharge my flip. Now for the first time 3 o’clock in the morning I read your advice, and it responds well, seemed begins recharge. You are special !!, regards from Israel

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